A Small & Simple Desktop Floral Arrangement

As I write this, it is -7 degrees outside. -7! It’s been a rough, bitter-cold winter around here, but there are some glimmers of hope that are getting me through. First off, January is almost over and February is a short month that will fly by with the Olympics to keep us occupied. That means March will be here before we know it. My other glimmer of hope is that spring bulb flowers have been popping up at the flower shop recently. I used iris in my last arrangement, have some yellow tulips on the kitchen counter, and this arrangement features some freesia (which smells SO good). I made this arrangement for a project at work and then left it on my desk for the rest of the week. A bright and fragrant arrangement can really liven up a drab office cubicle, and this little one is the perfect size for a desk. Plus, it’s simple to make!

Desktop Floral Arrangement

You will need: 3 pieces leatherleaf, 3 stems white larkspur, 4 stems freesia (I used 2 purple, 2 yellow), scissors or a knife, a small vase with water and flower preservative.

Desktop Floral Arrangement

1. Green the vase with the leatherleaf.

Desktop Floral Arrangement

2. Add the tallest piece of larkspur.

Desktop Floral Arrangement

3. Add two shorter pieces of larkspur on either side of the tall one.

Desktop Floral Arrangement

4. Add a yellow stem of freesia making it a little shorter than the tallest piece of larkspur.

Desktop Floral Arrangement

5. Add a purple stem of freesia making it a little shorter than the first yellow stem of freesia.

Desktop Floral Arrangement

6. Add another yellow stem of freesia making it a little shorter than the purple stem.

Desktop Floral Arrangement

7. Add the last stem of purple freesia lower than the last yellow piece.

Desktop Floral Arrangement

It’s as simple as that! A pretty little reminder that spring is on its way.

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  1. That is lovely. I always have fresh flowers in the house. But actually threw some away last night. I meant to go get some more today, but I forgot. Tomorrow, for sure! I love the larkspur the best. It just reminds me of spring made of snow.


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