The Classic Black Turtleneck

Black Turtleneck OutfitBlack Turtleneck OutfitBlack Turtleneck OutfitBlack Hunter Boots with Leg WarmersIndianapolis Fashion Blogger

Turtleneck — Gap, Thrifted
Jeans — Madewell
Boots — Hunter
Leg Warmers — Kohls
Earrings — Kate Spade

There are few things more classic, versatile, and timeless than a black turtleneck. Think Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe,  and Jackie O.

I had been wanting a thick-knit black turtleneck for a while and found the one at the Salvation Army for $4. Can’t beat that! In the name of being practical in the snow, I wore it with jeans and my Hunter boots, but once the weather turns around, I’m having visions of wearing it with my tulle skirt and ballet flats.

Have a great Monday!

13 responses

  1. such a classic look for the winter! i’m even more happy to see you wearing earrings now that you got your ears pierced – those kate spade bows are too cute!

  2. I thought “so Audrey” before I even read the text of the post 🙂 I HATE the way I look in turtlenecks, but love them on others! So classic, and yours is so sweet with the sleek black Hunters.

  3. I just came across your blog and love it! I particularly liked that you thrift and feature good finds! I am part of an Instagram community @alescloset where I sell preloved clothes. I had no idea it would grow as quickly as it did, and I had no idea I’d meet incredible people in the process! Looking forward to reading up more of your fashion and travel stories!

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