Tulle and Trinkets is a blog for personal style, food, home, and lifestyle inspiration.

confetti fashion photo

About Sarah:

I’m a gal whose knack for writing and love of all-things-pretty are combining to create Tulle and Trinkets.

On my little blog, you’ll find outfits that I wear during weekend adventures, recipes I’m whipping up in the kitchen, my latest antique finds, a couple DIY projects, and lots of photos of my cats and life here in Indianapolis.

Unless otherwise cited, my husband, Chris, and I take all of the photos on this blog with our Nikon D600.

Thanks for dropping by Tulle and Trinkets!

Disclosure: Once in a while I accept free-of-charge products that are marked “C/O.” I only promote businesses that I truly like.


29 responses

  1. hi there! i noticed you are participating in frock stock’s march of the bloggers! thought i’d come visit your site! i just love your blog! i look forward to what you share with us!


  2. just found your blog, and loveeee it! My husband and I are planning on moving to Indy in the near-ish future. This gets me even more excited about it!!

  3. Hi! I randomly found your blog on WordPress and am in love with your style! I, too, am from Indy. How’re you feeling about all this snow and cold weather?! Yuck!

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