Life Lately in Photos

Homemade Waffles

We used our waffle maker for the first time ever Saturday.

Anthropologie Shelf Decor

People say dried flowers are bad feng shui, but I think they’re pretty.

Antique Quilt Square

Quilt squares.

Orange Cat with Green Eyes

Miss Nikki.

Cat Footprint in Snow

Hermes tested out the snow.

Black and White Snow Photo

It’s been snow, snow…and more snow around here.

Hermes the Cat

Hermes breaking in the new rug.

TGIF! This week was a good one, but busy, busy, busy, and I’m ready for some r & r this weekend. Truth be told, I have zero plans, and that’s okay with me. Maybe I’ll do some reading, baking, and crafting — the weekend is my oyster!

Have a good one!

18 responses

  1. Both kitties are so pretty. Miss Nickie is so photogenic and stole my heart with those gorgeous eyes.I hope to see more of her here.

  2. I cannot stop scrolling through your blog – literally could probably spend an hour looking over all of your cute DIY projects and delicious recipes. I have to say, your home is absolutely AMAZING! I hope to own one half as beautiful as that in my lifetime. Keep up the good work and keep spreading inspiration to all! You have a huge fan all the way in Southern California! xoo

  3. Waffles! Yum! Whenever we make waffles at home, the waffle maker sits in the sink for weeks because neither of us wants to wash it. Needless to say, we don’t make waffles very often.

    I am jealous of you getting to curl up all cozy this weekend with that beautiful snow all around! It looks beautiful… Love the rug, too!


  4. Hello There! WordPress just recommended your blog to me, and, I have to say, they were spot on with what I like to read! Very cool stuff; I’m looking forward to exploring more of the great projects and recipes you have here:-)

  5. I have been toying with the idea of using my new pink wafflemaker today and this post may be the deciding factor to go ahead! What beautiful moments you captured Sarah, I hope your weekend is all you wish xo

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