The Classic Black Turtleneck

Black Turtleneck OutfitBlack Turtleneck OutfitBlack Turtleneck OutfitBlack Hunter Boots with Leg WarmersIndianapolis Fashion Blogger

Turtleneck — Gap, Thrifted
Jeans — Madewell
Boots — Hunter
Leg Warmers — Kohls
Earrings — Kate Spade

There are few things more classic, versatile, and timeless than a black turtleneck. Think Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe,  and Jackie O.

I had been wanting a thick-knit black turtleneck for a while and found the one at the Salvation Army for $4. Can’t beat that! In the name of being practical in the snow, I wore it with jeans and my Hunter boots, but once the weather turns around, I’m having visions of wearing it with my tulle skirt and ballet flats.

Have a great Monday!