Life Lately in Photos

Homemade Waffles

We used our waffle maker for the first time ever Saturday.

Anthropologie Shelf Decor

People say dried flowers are bad feng shui, but I think they’re pretty.

Antique Quilt Square

Quilt squares.

Orange Cat with Green Eyes

Miss Nikki.

Cat Footprint in Snow

Hermes tested out the snow.

Black and White Snow Photo

It’s been snow, snow…and more snow around here.

Hermes the Cat

Hermes breaking in the new rug.

TGIF! This week was a good one, but busy, busy, busy, and I’m ready for some r & r this weekend. Truth be told, I have zero plans, and that’s okay with me. Maybe I’ll do some reading, baking, and crafting — the weekend is my oyster!

Have a good one!

Long Layers

Indianapolis Fashion BloggerSunglass Warehouse Sunglasses, Free People CardiganIndianapolis Fashion Blogger

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Free People Cardigan, Free People Henley, Gap Jeans, Jessica Simpson BootsFree People Cardigan, American Rag Lace Vest, Free People Henley

Cardigan — Free People
Lace Vest — American Rag, Macy’s
Top — Free People
Jeans — Gap
Boots — Jessica Simpson, Nordstrom
Sunglasses — Sunglass Warehouse
Bag — Longchamp, Nordstrom

Howdy! I have some advice to impart about wearing long layers like these. When getting into cars, make sure the tail of your super-long shirt doesn’t get shut into the door and fly outside for the whole drive, getting wet and dirty from snow and salt along the way. This will help you avoid needing to wash the tail of said shirt in the sink at Target — where they don’t have hand dryers, by the way, leaving you walking around Target with a wet shirttail. Yep, this happened when I wore this outfit on Sunday … oy vey.

Happy Hump Day — we’re halfway there!

Lauren Conrad Heart Sweater

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Lauren Conrad Heart Sweater

Lauren Conrad Heart Sweater

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Lauren Conrad Heart Sweater

Lauren Conrad Heart Sweater

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Sweater — LC Lauren Conrad, Kohls
Vest — Old Navy
Jeans — Gap
Riding Boots — Jessica Simpson
Earrings — Kate Spade

Well, another weekend has come and gone. I feel like I could have used an extra day tacked on to this one. On Saturday, when I wore this outfit, Chris and I pursued our own interests for the morning and afternoon. He headed to a woodworking show, and I went thrift shopping at the Salvation Army — where I scored a couple great finds! We met back at the house to enjoy a snowy afternoon/evening at home.

How was your weekend?

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Life Lately in Photos

Library Books, American West Travel Books

Vacation planning & Fiesta collecting.

Indianapolis Lifestyle Blogger

Snow scene from inside.

Indiana Snow Storm 2014

Snow scene outside.

Hoosier Momma Bloody Marys

Snow day Bloody Marys.

The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America

Bird watching.

Cat Drinking Plant Water

Hermes stealing the plant’s water.

So, I have a little story to share this Friday that I hope will make you smile. I had some flowers delivered to my grandma and grandpa’s retirement home this week as a thank you for the Christmas gift they sent Chris and me, and also as a pick-me-up because they were both pretty sick over the holidays. Honestly, it wasn’t something I was planning on doing — I rarely send flowers. It was a whim after I saw a email advertising a special on their dozen rainbow roses. Considering the fact that I have hundreds of unread emails from ProFlowers in my gmail, it’s amazing I even saw the deal.

My grandma called me Tuesday night absolutely thrilled with the roses. She told me  it was the first time anyone had ever sent her flowers and that she took them down to the dining room so everyone in the home could see them. How cute is that?! She told me the flowers came at a perfect time because she and my grandpa are getting ready to celebrate their  wedding anniversary and my grandpa’s 91st birthday — two holidays I admit I would have let go by without a card.

The roses made her day — and how happy they made her made mine. All because I randomly opened that ProFlowers email. Don’t you love a good chain of events? I do.

Life Lately in Photos

Pottery Barn Jewelry Box, Macaron Trinket Box, Kate Spade Jewelry

Atop my dresser.

Hermes the Cat

Sweet Hermes.

Anthropologie Greyhound Cookie Jar

Anthro greyhound cookie jar.

Culbertson Mansion Mug

My favorite mug.

2013 Snowmageddon Snowman

We built a snowman!

Well, we survived the great snowstorm of 2014! In true Indiana fashion, we’re expecting rain and temperatures in the 40s this weekend, so all the snow will soon be a memory … and we’ll have a slushy, soggy mess on our hands. With the weather the way it’s supposed to be, the only plan we have is to finally go see The Hobbit. It’s definitely a good weekend to go to the movies! Chris always jokes that going to the movies costs him $50 because I have to get a big popcorn and a Coke (and sometimes a bag of Reese’s Pieces, too…). They’re a must, in my opinion!

What are you up to this weekend?!

Snow Style

Indianapolis Fashion BloggerIndianapolis Fashion BloggerIndianapolis Fashion Blogger

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Calvin Klein Coat, Sweater C/O OASAP
Lysse Leggings, Hunter Boots
Vintage Hat, Salem Style Scarf, Loncghamp Bag

Don’t let these photos fool you. The day after Chris and I went to the park to take them, 10 more inches of snow was dumped on Indianapolis. Then, to add insult to injury, we’ve had sub-zero temperatures to deal with the past few days. Brr! Neither Chris nor I have been able to leave the house since Saturday, so we’re getting a little stir crazy around here. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but I’m really looking forward to [hopefully] getting out of the house and going to work today.

Let’s just say that this week I’m super thankful for a warm house, a flexible job, heated floors, the fact that my car is in a garage, slippers, Digiorno pizza, and a husband who shovels our driveway.

Lost Forty Tree Farm

Lost Forty Tree Farm

Chris and I easily agree on most things, but real Christmas tree vs fake is one thing that wasn’t as easy. I was adamantly for getting a real tree, and Chris was adamantly against it, but I eventually swayed him with all the perks I was selling: Going to the tree farm! Chopping down your own tree! The scent! The authenticity!

Chris was still skeptical about getting a real tree until we got to nearby Lost Forty Tree Farm, which was snow-covered and beautiful on Saturday afternoon when we went. We had a blast walking around the farm, searching for our perfect tree, and sawing it down once we found it.

Lost Forty Tree FarmLost Forty Tree FarmLost Forty Tree FarmLost Forty Tree FarmLost Forty Tree FarmLost Forty Tree FarmLost Forty Tree FarmLost Forty Tree Farm

We ended up getting a gorgeous, 10-foot-tall Eastern White Pine that looks simply regal in our house! Here’s our tree out in the field:

Lost Forty Tree FarmLost Forty Tree FarmLost Forty Tree FarmLost Forty Tree FarmLost Forty Tree FarmLost Forty Tree Farm

What about you? Do you get the real deal or go faux?

Lost Forty Tree Farm

PS – The scarf I’m wearing here is from Scarves Dot Net. Speaking of! You should enter my $50 Scarves Dot Net Giveaway. You have until 5pm EST today to enter!

Let it Snow!

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

What I wore: Vintage Hat, Calvin Klein Coat, Vintage Plaid Shirt, Bar III Sweater, Gap Jeans, Jessica Simpson Boots, Lonchamp Bag

This past weekend was the best. Thursday night and into Friday, we had our first accumulating snow of the year. It snowed on and off for the rest of the weekend, leaving everything white and beautiful. On Friday night, Chris and I had our date night and ate at Cracker Barrel; some comfort was what the weather ordered.

Saturday was a big day for me because I got my ears pierced … for the first time, ever! I took my best friend Karin with me and went to Icing to get the full experience. I chose small, simple gold studs, and I’m hoping Santa brings me some more earrings for Christmas! 🙂

Saturday afternoon, Chris and I went to a nearby Christmas tree farm to pick out our tree. It was so fun walking through the aisles of trees, in the snow, choosing the perfect one. I’ll have a full post on that later this week, so stay tuned!

Sunday was dedicated to errands and getting our tree up and decorated. Our house is looking good right now, let me tell you. I can’t wait to share photos of our tree,which is pretty big. You can see it how tall it is in this Instagram shot. Sunday night, we had Crock Pot chili and watched The Amazing Race finale.

Tell me about your weekend – I’d love to hear!

PS – You have until Thursday to enter my $50 Scarves Dot Net Giveaway! It’s easy to enter!

Pennsy Trail Snow

RIP Snow

wildfox couture outfitcardinal in snowindianapolis fashion bloggericicle snow in hair

What I Wore: Scarves Dot Net Scarf, Shrug from Anthropologie, Wildfox Couture Sweatshirt, Madewell Jeans, Jessica Simpson Boots

Where I Wore It: Sadly, the winter wonderland you’re seeing in these photos is melting into a grey, slushy mess. The weather has warmed up this week here in Indianapolis, and I fear that all the pretty snow will soon be replaced with mushy, brown grass. Boo! I’ve always held the philosophy that if it’s going to be cold, there might as well be pretty snow on the ground.

I wore this outfit on Saturday for house hunting. I don’t want to jinx our luck, but I can say that we’ve made some exciting progress this week on the house hunt. I’m thinking we’ll be in a house sooner than we imagined, and we are so excited!

How’s your week going so far? I’m falling into a rhythm with my new job and enjoying it more each day. There are lots of changes happening right now, but I wouldn’t change a thing :).

Winter Wonderland

indianapolis fashion bloggerrobin in snow

indianapolis snow

cardinal in snowindianapolis fashion bloggercat in snowWhat I wore: BCBG Turtleneck Dress, Urban Outfitters Sweater, H&M Leggings, Old Boots, Scarves Dot Net Scarf

Where I wore it: Indianapolis has been a winter wonderland the past couple weeks. It’s been so pretty that I don’t even mind the slush, the salt on my car, or the fact that I nearly fall down every time I venture out into our apartment parking lot. 

Christmas break is winding down, and tomorrow I go back to work. Actually, I start a new job tomorrow, which I am nervous and excited about at the same time. It feels very fitting that I’m starting a new job with the new year, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else 2013 brings!