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So, I have a little story to share this Friday that I hope will make you smile. I had some flowers delivered to my grandma and grandpa’s retirement home this week as a thank you for the Christmas gift they sent Chris and me, and also as a pick-me-up because they were both pretty sick over the holidays. Honestly, it wasn’t something I was planning on doing — I rarely send flowers. It was a whim after I saw a email advertising a special on their dozen rainbow roses. Considering the fact that I have hundreds of unread emails from ProFlowers in my gmail, it’s amazing I even saw the deal.

My grandma called me Tuesday night absolutely thrilled with the roses. She told me  it was the first time anyone had ever sent her flowers and that she took them down to the dining room so everyone in the home could see them. How cute is that?! She told me the flowers came at a perfect time because she and my grandpa are getting ready to celebrate their  wedding anniversary and my grandpa’s 91st birthday — two holidays I admit I would have let go by without a card.

The roses made her day — and how happy they made her made mine. All because I randomly opened that ProFlowers email. Don’t you love a good chain of events? I do.