The Classic Black Turtleneck

Black Turtleneck OutfitBlack Turtleneck OutfitBlack Turtleneck OutfitBlack Hunter Boots with Leg WarmersIndianapolis Fashion Blogger

Turtleneck — Gap, Thrifted
Jeans — Madewell
Boots — Hunter
Leg Warmers — Kohls
Earrings — Kate Spade

There are few things more classic, versatile, and timeless than a black turtleneck. Think Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe,  and Jackie O.

I had been wanting a thick-knit black turtleneck for a while and found the one at the Salvation Army for $4. Can’t beat that! In the name of being practical in the snow, I wore it with jeans and my Hunter boots, but once the weather turns around, I’m having visions of wearing it with my tulle skirt and ballet flats.

Have a great Monday!

Macaron Print T-Shirt

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Macaron Print T-Shirt

Macaron T-Shirt Urban Outfitters

Indianapolis Style Blogger

Cardigan — 525 America, Hautelook
T-Shirt — Urban Outfitters
Jeans — Madewell
Boots — Hunter
Bobby Pins —

This past Christmas, I made a conscious effort to not shop for myself. We all know it’s easy to fall victim to holiday deals and end up spending more on yourself than your giftees! The only moment of weakness I had was when I saw this macaron t-shirt at Urban Outfitters. With my determination to master the art of macaron baking, this t-shirt was calling my name, and costing less than $20, how could I resist?

I wore this casual tee-and-jeans outfit out on Saturday to the movies. We snapped these photos inside to avoid the soggy weather, and also so we could play around with our new camera flash (my Christmas gift to Chris!). It’s definitely nice to now have the option to take indoor photos when the weather is not cooperating.

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Gordmans + The Weekend

gordmans outfitgordmans outfit

vintage wicker handbag

gordmans outfit

What I wore: Peplum Top C/O Gordmans, Madewell Jeans, Aldo Flats, Vintage Bag (my grandma’s!)

Where I wore it: Out to dinner Friday night with Chris and his friend, Alex!

Ahh, I’m writing this post on Sunday, outside on our deck, on a gorgeous warm and sunny afternoon. This is a perfect spring day!

Have you guys ever heard of or shopped at Gordmans? I hadn’t heard of them until last year when they opened their first location near Indianapolis. It’s kind of like a TJMaxx or Marshalls in that they sell name brands at discounted prices. (Score!) Gordmans sent me a $25 gift card, so I headed out there a couple weekends ago to pick out some things, including the bright and striped peplum top in the photos above. I also got the adorable owl trinket below, which matches our Fiestaware perfectly! He’s currently holding some Cutie’s and a lime for me. I was really impressed with Gordmans home decor selection. Trust me, it was really hard to keep my shopping budget in under $25! Gordmans is growing like crazy, and they’re opening new locations all over. You can see if you have Gordmans in your area here!

gordmans owl dish

How was your weekend? Mine was really good, but a lot of work. We tackled a bunch of yard work on Saturday, raking up leaves, picking up sticks, sowing grass, fertilizing the lawn, etc! On Sunday, we did more yard work, swept, mopped, and tackled the remainder of our boxes that needed to be unpacked. Things are really coming together! I think our next big projects will be taming the side yard and painting the spare bedrooms.

Here’s to hoping this nice, warm weather sticks around! Come back on Wednesday for a tour of our house!

gordmans owl dish