Life Lately in Photos

Homemade Waffles

We used our waffle maker for the first time ever Saturday.

Anthropologie Shelf Decor

People say dried flowers are bad feng shui, but I think they’re pretty.

Antique Quilt Square

Quilt squares.

Orange Cat with Green Eyes

Miss Nikki.

Cat Footprint in Snow

Hermes tested out the snow.

Black and White Snow Photo

It’s been snow, snow…and more snow around here.

Hermes the Cat

Hermes breaking in the new rug.

TGIF! This week was a good one, but busy, busy, busy, and I’m ready for some r & r this weekend. Truth be told, I have zero plans, and that’s okay with me. Maybe I’ll do some reading, baking, and crafting — the weekend is my oyster!

Have a good one!

Life Lately in Photos

sleeping catsSnoozing kitties.

chalkboard menu

Weekly chalkboard menu.

purple and white orchids


sofia blanc de blanc

Sofia Blanc de Blanc. Cute, but I didn’t care for the taste.

100 acres IMA

Angry lake + pirate ship at the IMA.

What’s up, Friday?! This week breezed by quickly, which is a-ok with me! This weekend I have all sorts of grownup things planned, like meeting with our insurance agent, laundry, cleaning, and taxes (ew!). It’s one of those weekends that needs to be dedicated to getting all of our ducks in a row. Hopefully Chris and I will find time to enjoy the, what’s forecasted to be, warm-ish weekend weather!

What are you doing this weekend? 

Life Lately in Photos

eggs benedict

Eggs Benedict featuring The Pioneer Woman’s Hollandaise Sauce.

cat .gif

Hermes taunting Nikki.

velvet dress

New dress detail.

frosted windowpanes Frosted windowpanes.

cat looking out windowHermes window watching.

hermes the catWhat a pretty kitty. 🙂

TGIF! What’s on the calendar this weekend, ladies?

Tonight I have plans to meet up with my old work friends for drinks, and I cannot wait to see them! Other than that, Chris and I are looking forward to a lot of rest and relaxation. I also plan on putting in some serious time on Pinterest, scouring inspiration for my farmhouse Pinterest board (a HINT about our house hunting adventure…).

See ya on Monday!

PS – Chris and I were reminiscing about Gelly Roll Pens last night. Anyone else hoard them in middle school?

Life Lately in Photos

TGIF — What a week! I usually try to keep weekdays as low key as possible. When I get home from work in the evening, I like to eat dinner, play with the cats, watch TV, and go to bed early. But this week, we did all kinds of things after work — the most exciting of them being….WE GOT A NEW CAMERA!! We got a fancy pants camera that is MUCH nicer than our old one — which means better photos for Tulle and Trinkets! This is a game changer, people.

So, here is the last Life Lately in Photos with the old camera (with a couple new camera goodies mixed in!):

colorblocking shirt skirt bag

This photo didn’t make the cut for Monday’s post. Too Vanna White. But colorblocking grass green, bright coral, and cobalt blue is a great combo! (PS – Find the SAME bag at in black. They’re out of coral – boo!)

tree bud in spring

A first sign of spring.

orange tree houseplant

My THRIVING orange tree. It’s loving the weather!

basil houseplant

Mmmmm, basil.

nikki the orange cat

Miss Nikki with her game face on.

hermes the black and white cat

My favorite model, Hermes.

Cat Fashion!

cat print cat fashion

If you want links to these products, click here!

I love cats (no new news there), and I am tickled pink by all the cat-themed clothes and accessories available right now. No longer will you look like a crazy cat lady if you wear a cat t-shirt in public, a la Taylor Swift:

 taylor swift cat t-shirt

I think the key to pulling off cat-patterned garb is making sure the cats look more cartoon-ish than realistic. Shirts like THIS are what get you into tacky cat territory, ladies. (Okay, I’d actually wear that, but only to lounge around the house…and maybe to the grocery…)

I already have one sweet cat-print dress, which you saw me wear the other month:

cat print dress

I’ve been meaning to DIY the Charlotte Olympia cat loafers for a while now — and that just might have to be a weekend activity for me — because I need more cats in my closet right MEOW!