Long Layers

Indianapolis Fashion BloggerSunglass Warehouse Sunglasses, Free People CardiganIndianapolis Fashion Blogger

Indianapolis Fashion Blogger

Free People Cardigan, Free People Henley, Gap Jeans, Jessica Simpson BootsFree People Cardigan, American Rag Lace Vest, Free People Henley

Cardigan — Free People
Lace Vest — American Rag, Macy’s
Top — Free People
Jeans — Gap
Boots — Jessica Simpson, Nordstrom
Sunglasses — Sunglass Warehouse
Bag — Longchamp, Nordstrom

Howdy! I have some advice to impart about wearing long layers like these. When getting into cars, make sure the tail of your super-long shirt doesn’t get shut into the door and fly outside for the whole drive, getting wet and dirty from snow and salt along the way. This will help you avoid needing to wash the tail of said shirt in the sink at Target — where they don’t have hand dryers, by the way, leaving you walking around Target with a wet shirttail. Yep, this happened when I wore this outfit on Sunday … oy vey.

Happy Hump Day — we’re halfway there!

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  1. My winter coat has a belt that ties around the waist but I normally just button it. Pretty much every morning when I get to work, I open my door and find that half of the belt was hanging out the door on my 40 mile trek… soaking wet! I feel your pain but you still made it look great!

  2. I love this outfit! When did you get that vest? I want it desperately! Wait. Maybe don’t tell me until February 1st. I am on a no buy budget until then! I love that cardigan, too. It is divine.

    Are the pictures taken with your new camera? They are so crisp and clear.

    And oh my gosh! The story of your shirt and Target! That is exactly something that would happen to me. But you look great and the outfit is so cute, I am sure nobody noticed!


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